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Testimony: Tanunya from Thailand

New…smiling, altruistic and heartfelt by: Nathaly Trujillo From the South of Thailand Tanunya Pochalee, better known as New, told us about her journey here as

Testimony: Santiago Jimenez

Living his life, focussing on his goals. “You are going to listen to a lot of stories and hear many things, but in the end

Testimony: Pamela Lizotte

Pamela was restless to discover the world and to embark on an adventure. From Quebec, Canada, Pamela Lizotte told us about her experience in Australia

Testimony: Mishale Sans Gomez

Mishale Sans Gomez from Barcelona Spain Enthusiastic for learning new skills, she is willing to find out the world and herself in the journey of

Testimony: Diana Gaiden

Diana Gaiden is always smiling and kindness is her second name. Diana has been in Australia for the last 2 and a half years. With

Testimony: Chih-Cheng Yang

Success is his second name as it is the meaning of his name. Chih-Cheng is also known as Mike. It is his nickname that was

Testimony: Omar Andres Mendoza

Omar has been in Australia one year and a half studying English. His goal at NCVE International is to enhance his English and prepare for