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Diploma in Leadership and Management

Course code: BSB50420
This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply knowledge, practical skills and experience in leadership and management across a range of enterprise and industry contexts.

Individuals at this level display initiative and judgement in planning, organising, implementing and monitoring their own workload and the workload of others. They use communication skills to support individuals and teams to meet organisational or enterprise requirements.They plan, design, apply and evaluate solutions to unpredictable problems, and identify, analyse and synthesise information from a variety of sources.

This Diploma is suited to people with considerable experience who are currently working in an industry managing others and providing strategic leadership who are looking to increase or refine skills required to successfully manage the business and staff employed in that business. You will learn leadership skills and management topics such as human resources, performance management, financial management, problem solving and goal setting.

The Diploma of Leadership and Management qualification focuses primarily on the internal functions of managing a successful business and provides the candidate with the critical skills needed to increase a team’s success and effectiveness.

The Diploma will develop the key skills required in the present-day business environment such as managing the work of others, overseeing projects and managing finances. The course has a strong focus on strengthening leadership skills and abilities, enabling the adaption of skills to a broad range of workplaces, teams and situations.

Potential Career Outcomes may include:

  • Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Branch Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Department Manager
  • Corporate Manager

Who is it for

Supervisors or middle managers that have responsibility for a team of people, as well as those who participate in operational planning and are involved in change management.

Course duration

This course runs for a period of 52 weeks.

Delivery method

Face to face, on-line and work based learning activities.


Generous subsidies are available to suitable applicants. Call us to find out if you qualify for one of our Government Subsidies.


Assessment methods may include verbal, written and observational, as well as third party reports.


Our facilitators have relevant on-the-job experience, meaning they understand the challenges and requirements of the industry.