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Make sure you meet the new Infection Control Standards that apply to all COVID safe workplaces

New infection control standards now apply to all workplaces, especially in the retail and hospitality sectors. To return to work safely, specific COVID-19 skills training is now available.

Workers will receive expert training in best practice methods and learn how to implement safe operating procedures to reduce risk of transmission of infection at work.

Upon completion of this short-course program they will attain Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment for all 3 subject units including the new ‘HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures’ unit of competency. This unit will be combined with a selection of two (2) “elective” units which are relevant to your industry sector.

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Re-open safely following COVID-19

Course Overview

Workers will complete the common unit which covers infection prevention and control procedures, implementing standard and transmission-based precautions, and responding to infection risks.

Two additional units are selected in consultation with our Trainer / Assessors and taken from the Certificate III training packages for either Retail or Hospitality.

Combining both theory and practical components, training is delivered as on-line learning via a virtual classroom using the Zoom App. Options for practical assessment can be on-the-job within the workplace or using a simulated environment under expert guidance, or a combination of both.

Common unit:

HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • personal and hand hygiene
  • use and scope of personal protective equipment
  • surface cleaning
  • reprocessing procedures for equipment
  • types of additional precautions and their relevance to particular areas of work or client groups
  • types of hazards in the work environment and associated risks and control measures
  • chain of infection
  • basis of infection
  • key modes of disease transmission, and
  • factors that increase the susceptibility to infection

PLUS another two (2) elective units from the Certificate III training package (for either Retail or Hospitality). Refer to the relevant Course Outline (for either Retail or Hospitality) which lists the elective subject units available.

Elective units

Selected from the units below (2 units to be chosen):

Retail Electives:

SIRXHWB001 Maintain personal health and well-being
This unit looks at techniques workers can implement that facilitate improved workplace health and well-being, and work-life balance, particularly in work environments where customer contact is high and work pressures vary

SIRXWHS002 Contribute to workplace health and safety
This unit assist workers in understanding and following organisational policies and procedures for safe work practice, so they may manage their own, and anyone else’s health and safety in the workplace

SIRXCEG002 Assist with customer difficulties
This unit looks at the skills and techniques workers can utilise to solve customer problems and difficulties

SIRXIND001 Work effectively in a service environment
This unit visits the workplace rights and responsibilities of employees as well as organisational policies and procedures, and how these are applied into daily work activities.

SIRXCEG001 Engage the customer
This unit visits customer interaction and communicate during enquiries, contributing to a service culture.

Hospitality, Food Handling Electives:

SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety
This unit covers personal hygiene practices to prevent contamination of food that might cause food- borne illnesses. This unit applies to food handlers who directly handle food or any food contact surface, during the course of their daily work activities.

SITXFSA002 Participate in safe food handling practices
This unit covers the skills and knowledge required to handle food safely during the storage, preparation, display, service and disposal of food. It requires the ability to follow predetermined procedures as outlined in the organisations food safety program

SITXWHS001 Participate in safe work practices
This unit looks at techniques workers can use to incorporate safe work practices into their own workplace activities, whilst adhering to regulatory and organisational work health and safety (WHS) management practices

SITXCCS006 Provide service to customers
This unit visits daily customer interactions including building a rapport, determine and address customer needs and expectations, and respond to complaints.

SITXCOM002 Show social and cultural sensitivity
This unit assists worker’s social awareness and ability to communicate with customers and colleagues from a range of social and cultural groups with respect and sensitivity, addressing any arising cross- cultural misunderstandings.


Upon successful completion of all training and assessment requirements, you will receive a Statement of Attainment containing three nationally recognised units of competency, including the unit  from the HLT Health Training Package which provides a set of skills for implementing infection control policies and procedures in a retail or hospitality workplace. All Statements of attainment will include HLTINFCOV001 Comply with infection prevention and control policies and procedures, plus two elective units.

All our courses are nationally recognised and are taught by exceptional trainers with real-life skills and experience.

Meet a few of our friendly trainers

Batemans Bay

Dean Yates

Retail, Business

Dean has over 27 years experience in small business, hospitality and retail roles with over 10 years experience in sales and marketing roles.

He enjoys training  and mentoring students and particularly enjoys working with students in the interactive classroom environment.

Favourite motivational advice: I’m not telling you that it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Batemans Bay

Pieter van der Chys

Retail, Business

Pieter has experience in business, retail, sales, marketing, labour hire, and recruitment and training.

Pieter uses these past experiences, along with lessons learnt when he owned and operated his own businesses,  in training our retail and business courses.


Katie Pascoe

Business, Retail, Leadership & Management

I am a Training Specialist with over 13 years teaching experience in the areas of business management, hospitality management, retail management, marketing and automotive manufacturing.

Katie has worked in a range of industries at various levels including hospitality, automotive and retail. Katie enjoys seeing the growth that happens when our students progress through and complete their qualification.

Best motivational advice:
There is always another way to approach the challenge.

Favourite quote:
“When something is important enough, you do it, even if the odds are not in your favour.” – Elon Musk

Success Stories

Courses Available

Certificate III in Retail

Course code: SIR30216
This course is nationally recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework, and upon completion you could gain employment in many different types of positions to suit your needs and personal goals.

Certificate II in Retail Service

Course code: SIR20216
The SIR20216 Certificate II in Retail Services reflects the role of frontline retail team members who use a defined and limited range of operational skills to undertake workplace activities.

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