Application Process

Take our Online English Placement Test & Apply to Study in Australia with NCVE

Step 1

Receive and Accept Offer

Step 2

Receive CoE and Apply for VISA

Step 3

Make Travel Arrangements & Begin Study in Australia with NCVE!

Step 4

National College of Vocational Education has set out the application process to assist you to navigate through the process. We have colour coded these steps to assist you, NCVE actions are coloured BLUE and student actions are coloured ORANGE.

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Prior to enrolling in one of our International School courses, please complete our Online English Placement Test, so that we can make sure that you are enrolling in the best course to suit you.

Take our Online English Test

Your results from this test are sent directly to our enrolments team so there is no need to email your results to us. Once you have completed this test, you will be redirected to our Online Enrolment system so that you can Study in Australia with NCVE! You can also apply now by clicking the link below.

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If you would prefer to complete the application form and email it to us, you can download the form using the button below.

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Please email completed form to along with certified copies of your Passport and any previous Certificates you may have completed.