Choose from a range of accommodation options to suit your lifestyle and budget. Stay with a local Australian family, in student accommodation, share an apartment with friends or live alone.


Homestay allows you to live with an Australian host family – giving you an authentic Australian experience. You’ll pay a fee that covers accommodation, breakfast and dinner. Internet access is also often included. NCVE works with its Homestay provider to set you up with homestay accommodation for your arrival in Australia – including providing airport pick-up and drop-off to your host family.

NCVE uses the Australian Homestay Network (AHN) Brisbane as our Homestay Provider. All requests and applications for Homestay accommodation through NCVE will be forwarded directly to AHN Brisbane. AHN offers easy and complete homestay packages. Their rate schedule allows you to find a homestay that best suits you.


Student Accommodation

With Brisbane openly encouraging and welcoming international students to its beautiful city, they have also ensured that students have ample accommodation options. One of these options is student accommodation in purpose-built housing for students from any institution. Options range from studio apartments to shared rooms with up to eight beds, with shared communal areas and facilities.

NCVE is always reviewing its student accommodation options and currently we are able to offer our students accommodation at Atira Student Living and  urbanest Brisbane as our Student Accommodation Providers. All requests and applications for Student Accommodation through NCVE will be forwarded to the relevant provider.

Atira is one of Australia’s leading student accommodation providers. They offer modern apartments and first-class facilities coupled with a supportive, engaging student experience, helping their residents to succeed academically and maintain a healthy life balance. Atira have a unique approach to providing exceptional environments for student living is a combination of thoughtful design with comfort, security, and enjoyment in mind. The Atira experience provides a safe and secure, supportive and nurturing environment to ensure students are achieving their best while feeling safe and secure in their new home away from home.

urbanest is one of Australia’s largest providers of student accommodation. They know students and it’s their mission to deliver; great locations, all inclusive rents, new benchmarks in comfort and a fantastic place to meet new friends and live your life the way you want. urbanest’s South Bank accommodation is a short walk (10-15 minutes) from NCVE’s Brisbane Campus and they have a variety of accommodation options and fees available on their urbanest South Bank website.


Share & Rental Accommodation

There are a number of unit complexes or houses specifically for students in Brisbane. In most cases, students will rent the entire house or flat, but there are also opportunities to rent a single bedroom, and share lounge room, kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities with other students who have been selected by the management.

Most rental properties will require you to pay a bond up front. A bond is used as security and is usually equivalent to the amount of four weeks’ rent. This will cover any money owing at the end of the tenancy for any damage to the property.

Rental costs vary depending on the accommodation style, type and suburb. You can find average rental costs by searching for “median rents” on the Residential Tenancies Authority (RTA) website. The RTA governs rental contracts in Brisbane and can help you with any questions or information about joining or starting a lease.

There are a few places on-line where you can find independent or share-rooms to rent in Brisbane. These are: