Testimony: Carolina Gutierrez

Carolina Gutierrez

Carolina Gutierrez from Cali, Colombia, is a professional in International Marketing, advertising, and business administration, who has been working in the international education industry for the last 5 years.

However, her experience in the international education sector started before. Her first experience as an international student was in Chile when she received a 100% scholarship to study a year abroad in Commercial Engineering at the University Adolfo Ibanez in Santiago de Chile. Then, just before finishing her studies in Colombia she moved to Brazil for 3 months to learn Portuguese as her second language.

| National College of Vocational Education - 48 Caro
| National College of Vocational Education - 49 Caro
| National College of Vocational Education - 50 Caro
| National College of Vocational Education - 51Caro
| National College of Vocational Education - 52 Caro

Edition 15 | 2021 | By: Nathaly Trujillo

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