Testimony: Chih-Cheng Yang

Success is his second name as it is the meaning of his name.

Chih-Cheng is also known as Mike. It is his nickname that was given by a friend in Australia in 2012.

Chih-Cheng Yang is an engineer from Taiwan, he has been here for the last 4 years. The first time that he came to Australia was in 2012 when he worked in a farm in Bundaberg, after almost one year he decided to return to his country. However, his wishes to learn English, brought him back to Australia in 2017, but in this opportunity as an International Student.

“Taiwan’s people are the best thing of Taiwan. They are always look after each other.
Taiwan is pretty awesome”

With zero knowledge about English Chih-Cheng or Mike, as he is called, had to learn the language from the beginning. When he completed his English course, Mike decided to study a course of Certificate IV in Leadership and Management and Diploma of Business in NCVE International, with the objective to improve his skills to be a good leader and put in place the ability to build effective teamwork.

“The best of study leadership and management has been to learn how to work in a team, you learn how to be a good leader and guides other to do the job. It is about cooperation.”

For Mike life is too short so his goal is to not have a goal, more than learn and enjoy as much as he can. “I just want to be stronger and grow up, because my family has a factory, so, I want to be as knowledgeable as I can”.
After completing his studies at NCVE International in Diploma of Business, his dream is to study automotive and mechanic because he wants to learn more to open a shop in Taiwan. Now, Mike is working in an Australian company as an engineer. For him find this job was a lucky hit. “A head-hunter from Japan, who thought that I was in Taiwan, contacted me to come to Australia to work as an engineer.” The surprise was that Mike was already in Australia.
His job is for projects, so he doesn’t have a stable timetable with set tasks. He has an objective that is fix something and he defines the time to complete the task. But the impressive thing about Mike is his point of view about life. When I asked him what has been the biggest challenge in his job, the most difficult task? He explained me that he never thinks about how difficult it might be. He just analyses how long he will finish, and that’s it.

For Mike life is short, so it is about If you do it or you don’t do it. “Things can be simple, but people sometimes make things complicated. I think that is just about do it, don’t overthink.

From Australia he enjoys lifestyle at work as he considers that the pressure is not as stressful as it can be in Taiwan. The best thing of Australia is the environment, the nature here that is amazing.
He has been in Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, even he travelled to Darwin by car and his favorited place is his place, his bed [hahahaha]. Actually, is Brisbane, because there is not too many population such as there is in Sydney and Melbourne. Brisbane has the perfect balance.
His advice for international students, is study hard and socialize. Make friends in Australia with different backgrounds and occupations. Most of the student make friend in the same environment, and then they stay working in the same position for example in a coffee shop all time then, they go to study and then go home. But they don’t try to get out of that circle. Might be they have different purposes, but for him they have to socialize more.
Learn English is process of every day. If you are thinking to be an international student my advice is enjoy and squeeze each opportunity that shows up, because sometimes students forget to be students and put all their efforts in find a job.

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