Testimony: Desiree Jane Coggins

Desiree Jane Coggins

Desiree is from Brisbane, Australia is one of our teachers of General English. The eldest of three siblings, Desiree considers that her passion for teaching is in her blood, as her younger sister and mum are also teachers. Here is part of her amazing story.

“My sister always wanted to be a teacher and it was her dream, but for me it took a journey to find out.”

After finishing high school, at 17 years of age, she travelled to France for 10 months to have a good time and learn more French. For Desiree, France was an eye opening experience more than anything, meeting wonderful people and enjoying the amazing French food. Those are her main memories from France.

If you visit France, Desiree highly recommends, trying the salted butter caramel in the north of France, which is delightful and visiting a little town called La Tranche – Sur – Mer et Les Sables d’Olonne. That place is beautiful with little markets, the architecture is outstanding, there is a street where the walls of the building are mirrors made of seashells. “It is a beautiful, relaxing place.”

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Edition 19 | 2021 | By: Nathaly Trujillo

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