Testimony: Diana Gaiden

Diana Gaiden

is always smiling and kindness is her second name

Diana has been in Australia for the last 2 and a half years. With the clear idea of coming to have a family adventure, she landed in Brisbane because of her husband’s job. Her daughter and son are part of this experience, which has enriched this family with more memories and stories to tell and as she said …

“The best thing is that we did it as a family and it is a different experience, but we did it together, supporting each other”

She is a professional social worker, employed as a supervisor for many years in Germany. Her role over there was to provide counselling and advice for therapists that attended to patients. In addition, she provided services to companies implementing new processes and procedures to avoid changes and resistance and to achieve smooth adaptation.

| National College of Vocational Education - Diana Gaide 1
| National College of Vocational Education - Diana Gaide 2

Edition 14 | 2021 | By: Nathaly Trujillo

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