Testimony: Nora Derbal

Nora Derbal

Success is his second name, as it is the meaning of his name. “For me success is to have a family.”

When you are learning a language you are learning about people and culture, it is not just words. That’s why it is challenging because you can express ideas and it is more difficult when there are emotions involved. However, after one year of hard work and discipline studying English at NCVE Nora achieved a  6.5 score  in her IELTS Test.

She has been in Australia for one year and three months studying English at The National College of Vocational Education with the goal to improve her English and to develop all the skills required when you are learning a language… But why Australia? After a couple of work trips in Australia, she found she loved the place and wanted to return because it is a safe and organized country with beautiful landscapes and the perfect place  to write her life story with her husband and lovely 2 year old daughter, Layane.

“Queensland is an enjoyable place with amazing landscape. It is safe and clean and people are kind because Brisbane is a multicultural city so there is no discrimination. Additionally, you can have a good quality of life working even in a part-time job.”

Australia also has a very good educaction system with a  a high level of education and research. Nora as a researcher and biologist with a Ph.D. in Duram wheat Research, wanted to continue her career and was attracted to Australia’s world class Universities.  She realized that here in UQ they specialise in research and they are far more developed in this area than in her country. This is one of the reasons that makes  Australia an interesting place to live with her family and where she can continue to persevere with  her research, and open the door to new opportunities.

Recently she got a job in UQ as a casual. However, if she could achieve her goal of finding a permanent job in research, she would be over the moon.

Nora advises  that as a scientist it is important to learn English and to read and understand different authors. Moreover, it is essential  to write and express ideas that afterwards could be published as papers of your own.

“My challenge is to learn good English” because one of her goals is work in research and as a teacher/lecturer, because when you teach  you  learn at the same time.

Edition 2 | 2020 | By: Nathaly Trujillo

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