Testimony: Omar Andres Mendoza

Omar has been in Australia one year and a half studying English. His goal at NCVE International is to enhance his English and prepare for his IELTS Test. . Omar is a professional Chef and Pastry Chef and has been gifted with a talent to cook and is surprised by the opportunities that this gives him every day.

When he was 22 years old he won a pastry TV show called “Rutas de la Pasteleria” in Lima, Peru and afterwards many people started to contact him for his cuisine creations. Therefore, that TV program was the perfect motivator to set up his own pastry business and from then he started selling online by social media.
Three months after the launch of his e-commerce business model, Omar decided to open in a popular street market, where he worked for 4 years. One day a great opportunity showed up. Lima airport contacted him to sell his dessert in the VIP area. At that point, he couldn’t believe how fast he grew up and fast and hard work brought success. At the age of 25, Omar had his own business and taught for 2 important institutions in Lima. Additionally, he was a chef at the Nestle kitchen school.
Talking with his brother who knew Australia and desired new experiences, Omar made the decision to come to Australia, as an International Student.

“The things I love most about Australia is it is a safe place and has beautiful landscapes such as Noosa”

For him the best thing about this country is meeting people from different places and making friends who open your mind to cultural diversity. On the other hand, the biggest challenge was to understand and get used to the Australia accent, while studying and working in a restaurant involved him in a cultural experience that helped him with his learning process.

In Australia his goals are clear. He wants to stay here for a while to keep working on his passions as a chef and pastry specialist. However, during COVID-19 the restaurant where he worked had to close. But the pandemic couldn’t stop this Peruvian chef. He decided to use his talent to overcome the situation.

“The initial plan was to sell desserts and pastries when I finished my course, but COVID-19 pushed me to set up this project to sell my own food using social media.”

Now he is selling his products through the Peruvian and Latin community on Facebook, with a much better result than he thought.

Omar’s best advice to International Students and others thinking of living such an experience, is to have a clear plan, to learn about and research the place they are planning to live prior to arrival and be sure you’ll be able to find employment. It is necessary to be consistent and not to lose sight of studying hard to enhance their English.

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