Testimony: Pamela Lizotte

Pamela Lizotte

From Quebec, Canada, Pamela Lizotte told us about her experience in Australia and NCVE.

Pamela and her husband have been living in Australia for the last 2 years. They came to Brisbane because her partner’s company gave them the opportunity to move here, which meant he could avoid the business trips which he often had to do. And of course they accepted the adventure to come. 

However, Pamela had been in Australia six years ago, and at that time fell in love with the country, the weather, its nature and basically everything. So, when she got the opportunity to come, she said “absolutely yes” .

“When an opportunity shows up, you do not have a second chance to take it”

| National College of Vocational Education - Article 2 Pamela Lizotte

Edition 6 | 2020 | By: Nathaly Trujillo

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