Testimony: Pamela Lizotte

Pamela was restless to discover the world and to embark on an adventure.

From Quebec, Canada, Pamela Lizotte told us about her experience in Australia and NCVE.

Pamela and her husband have been living in Australia for the last 2 years. They came to Brisbane because her partner’s company gave them the opportunity to move here, which meant he could avoid the business trips which he often had to do. And of course they accepted the adventure to come. 

However, Pamela had been in Australia six years ago, and at that time fell in love with the country, the weather, its nature and basically everything. So, when she got the opportunity to come, she said “absolutely yes” .

“When an opportunity shows up, you do not have a second chance to take it”

The adventure started when she realized that she needed to study a little bit more English, which is her second language, because where she comes from the main language is French and also her profession as a teacher demands her to enhance her communication and grammar skills. 

Therefore, she decided to enrol at NCVE, where she has been improving and practicing her English every day. And to make  the experience more interesting  for her, she has met people from different cultures, which is amazing for Pamela who loves adventures and discovering  the world in all its ways. 

Living here has given her time to think about the job that she would like to do and along the way keep enjoying the experience that life has  given her. 

“Many people would like to have and live this experience. I am determined to enjoy Australia”

Although her country and Australia are similar in some ways, Pamela  loves Australia for its sunny days, the variety of activities to do and also discovering the differences between the two countries that make it more interesting, like the interconnected public transport system and how it runs mainly on time.  

However, there are plenty of things that she misses about Canada; her family and friends are on the top of that list, as well as, its traditions for Halloween that is not as strong as in her culture, some delicious dishes like poutine and white Christmases. But at the end of the day she feels fortunate.

“I’m very happy to be here because Australia has managed  the COVID-19 crisis so well”

Pamela’s advice is to be prepared before coming  here, plan ahead, ask for references and recommendations about what you really need to live this experience and enjoy as much as you can,  because  for sure you won’t regret living it!

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