Testimony: Patrick Hine

Patrick Hine

passionate about travelling and enjoys the diversity and the chance to learn about other cultures.

Patrick Hine from Toowoomba, Queensland has been working at NCVE for more than one year, teaching English to our international students.

Always laughing, passionate for films and although initially a drama and art history professional, he chose to become a teacher. In this adventurous meeting, our teacher tells us his story about teaching international students for more than 15 years.

“From my students, I learnt that you need to stay flexible and open when you are operating in a new culture”

After finishing his studies as a drama and art history professional, his passion for films led him to Melbourne, where he worked on his own independent films as a director, writer and producer and then Brisbane. However, he realized that even though it is an amazing industry, it is hard to make a thriving living from it.

“I like drama and science fiction because human stories are the most interesting stories and science fiction because of the different futures or worlds that you can experience.”

| National College of Vocational Education - Patrick 1 2024
| National College of Vocational Education - Patrick 2 2024

Edition 9 | 2021 | By: Nathaly Trujillo

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