• You agree that:
  •  NCVE may inform the Department of Home Affairs of your enrolment variation which may adversely affect the
    student’s visa.
  •  Evidence such as flight tickets, medical certificates, death certificates must be submitted with relevant
  •  A Withdrawal Application Fee of $300 is applicable to process withdrawal requests. This fee is an
    application fee only and does not guarantee that the requests will be approved.
  •  For all requests to be processed, you must have paid all tuition fees up to the date of the request.
  •  All refunds are subject to NCVE’s Refunds Policy.
  •  All requests are subject to relevant NCVE policies and procedures.
  •  NCVE will assess and reply to your request in writing within ten working days from the date of submission of
    all required documents and information.
  •  Failure to provide adequate documents may result in further enquiries from NCVE which will delay the
    processing of your application

Deferral requests

  • Deferral requests can only be made before the commencement of the course.
  • Deferral requests can only be accepted if there are compassionate and compelling circumstances* defined
    below or if there is a delay in receiving student visa.
  • When a deferral is approved, the COE will be changed accordingly which might affect your student visa.
    NCVE is not responsible for the problems which might arise as a result of inconsistencies between the
    duration of your CoE and your student visa.
    Suspension requests
  • Suspension requests can only be approved if there are compassionate or compelling circumstances* defined
  • Students can only apply for maximum 3 months of suspension
  • Where a suspension request is approved, the student’s CoE might be extended. In those cases, it is students’
    responsibility to seek advice about the effect of CoE extension on the student visa.
    Withdrawal Requests
  • Withdrawal requests can only be approved if there are compassionate and compelling circumstances* as
    defined below, if the student is returning to their home country for good or if the student’s student visa status
    has changed.
  • Withdrawal requests will only be approved if the student has completed his/her first 6 months of the principal
    course. The primary course is the last course the student is enrolled in. For example: If you are enrolled in a
    certificate IV, then a diploma, the principal course is the diploma.
  • If you have not completed the first 6 months of his/her principal course, at the discretion of the college, you may withdraw if you meet ALL of the following conditions:

o You have met academic progress requirements, and
o You have met attendance requirements, and
o You are up to date with your tuition fees payments, and
o You have provided a letter from another registered provider confirming that a valid enrolment offer has been made, and
o Exceptional circumstances relating to the change in your study and career goals which require changing the education provider sector were satisfied by NCVE.

Transfer Requests

  • Please refer to the Provider Transfer Request Form.
    Compassionate and Compelling Circumstances
    NCVE defines compassionate and compelling circumstances as:
  • Serious illness or injury, where a medical certificate states that the overseas student was unable to attend
  • Bereavement of close family members such as parents or grandparents (where possible a death certificate
    should be provided)
    Enrolment Variation Form v.6.0 (Updated 13.03.2023)
    This document is uncontrolled when printed. (Printed on: 13/03/2023) Page 3 of 3
  • Major political upheaval or natural disaster in the home country requiring emergency travel and this has
    impacted on the overseas student’s studies; or
  • A traumatic experience, which could include; involvement in, or witnessing of a serious accident; or
    witnessing or being the victim of a serious crime, and this has impacted on the overseas student (these
    cases should be supported by police or psychologist reports).